IFA Successful in its opposition to the proposed changes in APM 016

In its first year, the IFA was successful in its opposition to the changes in APM 016 which, broadly interpreted, could have been used to nullify the protections of APM 010 and 015 and subject a faculty member to “administrative actions” for statements or behaviors that are viewed as inconsistent with any ad hoc or arbitrary proclamation by any administrator.

IFA member Rei Terada worked with the IFA Board to write an Op Ed with CUCFA chair Bob Meister on this topic that was widely published, including at : http://utotherescue.blogspot.com/2012/05/ucops-latest-threat-to-faculty-freedom.html.

The following link is to the UCOP Final Review of Proposed Revised APM-o15 in which it states that  APM-010 and APM-016 is no longer in consideration.


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