More comments on the Selection of Janet Napolitano as next UC President

Mark Levine,  Board Member of the Irvine Faculty Association
Clear and present dangers of Janet Napolitano’s appointment as UC
President – With no experience in higher education, the appointment of
Napolitano raises concerns about the future of the UC system.

The LA Times calls for delay of Napolitano confirmation:,0,7835174.story

Professor of Physics at UCD Joe Kiskis on Napolitano’s background in the security industry:

Chris Newfield’s comments on Napolitano’s lack of familiarity with education:

SDFA Board’s response to the nomination of Secretary Janet Napolitano:

 Official Statement of UC Student Workers’ Union:

UAW 2865 UC Student Workers protested her appointment:

A hard-hitting analysis with additional revelations, although one or two claims are excessive. (eg:  “Napolitano is responsible for the deportation of hundreds of thousands of immigrant workers and the deaths of thousands of others who have perished trying to enter the United States along an increasingly militarized Mexican border.”)

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