Letter from the UCI Faculty Association to the Academic Senate Requesting Clarifications of the Proposed Amendments to Academic Personnel Policy APM 016

April 22, 2012

Dear Senate Chair Martens:

On behalf of the Irvine Faculty Association, the UCI chapter of the Council of UC Faculty Associations (http://ucifa.org// http://cucfa.org/), the IFA Executive Board requests clarification of the proposed amendments to APM 016. It is our understanding that there is faculty concern about the ambiguous wording of the proposed changes. Specifically, it is not clear what is intended to be added in the appending of the term “policies” to language about campus regulations”:http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/senate/underreview/ . We request the proper interpretation of this addition to enable faculty consideration. Previous faculty requests for clarification both at UCI and at UCLA have gone unanswered; as you know, the window for comment is limited, so we appreciate your assistance.
Executive Board, Irvine Faculty Association:

Prof. Mark LeVine – Chair
Prof. Dina al-Kassim
Prof. Eyal Amiran
Prof. Antoinette LaFarge
Prof. Irene Tucker

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